Acting Out!

Right from when we step into Earth…we are entwined in many a relationships…some we choose to get into and some are pre-destined! Some are a boon…like parents ad some, well, not much to talk about…like Exxagerating aunts, over curious ppl etc…

The ones that really give us a time of our lives and teach lessons are those we CHOOSE and mum-dad!

I’ve never been in a relationship, never found anyone and even if i did, they didnt find me! But I have many pals who have had the experience. When on Facebook, I see thse COMMITTED ppl…talkin gleefully about their loved ones and I feel a lil’ lost. Is it right? Is is it so necessary to have someone? It feels good to think about it…someone to hold ur hand and walk the talk! But not every couple are the ideal Edward-Bella or Romeo-Juliet types!

But one should let life pass on…people who matter will come and stick on!

I’ve seen my friends having ceremonious proposals and the spreadin of information like fire on kerosene! But then the fights, the back-stabbing and the lies and then the very dramatic BREAK-UP. Thats what upsets me like hell…the depppression, the crying and consoling. I’m not sure if I wanna risk my heart that way. Yeah some people are made for each other but those decisions are in the individuals’ hands…just coz u wanna be overoptimistic u cannot leave practicality. I still need to find someone more stable who can bring me back to the ground…lol!

And I guess all of us, teens, have their whole lives ahead so even if u have had a messy past…not too late…dont cry over it…when ure happy, everyone’s laughs with u but in agony ure all alone so dun go searching for shoulders!

Become brave…you’re strong enough! Just be happy and move on!

And those who are stepping into new relations or are in one…remember mutual respect and the lil words of formality and patience can change even the most vexed relationships into a rocking one!

Foremost of all…in any relationship…whether bf n gf…Parnt and child…bro and sis…anythin…TRUST & SELFLESSNESS MATTERS BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANT IS…stop expecting from the other!! If u have something to tell or u want something…ASK…DONT EXPECT!

Good luck to the whole world with their relationships. Be wise, be happy and be content. Dont COMPARE or hurt! Dont hesitate in sorrries, pleases and thankq’s….

This way even the most baggage like relations can be relishable!

Oh and for the gossip-monging aunties…IGNORE THEM…forgive them!

And u’ll be happy forever and ever!

Love u all!

We live in this highly stereotyped world filled with aunties and grannies who have nonsense-like opinions about every thing u do! I’m not ur average teenager! Nope, but Im not the chic and slim senorita either!

I’m not a genio or a snob…I’m just the dreamer with a few ideals. I’m different…everyone are. I hate it when my mum is worried to wear a particular dress worrying ‘what-the-world-wud-say?’…I dislike it when my dad tells me NOT to hang out with guys coz ‘others-wud-think-ure this and that!’

BLAH BLAH BLAH…I say its our life and Im not living it for anyone else. If I wanna go and study in Cambridge…oh yes, I will. If i disagree to step into relationships like my other pals, i will. If I wanna make pals from Iowa, thogh we’ve nevr met bfor…boy, I’ll do it and much more.

We know whats right and whats wrong…listen 2 ur conscience and LIVE IT UP! Dont care for the others…ur life, ur way…so JUST DO IT!

Uh, leave comments! so i know I have others like me or not!

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  • shreya7195: thank you, so much!
  • shreya7195: thankyou sr, for taking the time! I will definitely follow wat u said and uve motivated me at a time I really need it:) Goin 2 11th grade and gotta ta
  • shreya7195: Yeah, totally! I love my ma and dad coz I know they are the only ones who really want everything good for me! In my post I was talkin of not payin att